Page 10 - Wellbeing by Rangeford Villages
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“The great thing with Wadswick Green is that we have more time to do the things we we enjoy We were active prior to the move so it’s great that that we can maintain that that The facilities are great and sometimes it it feels like we have the pool all all to to ourselves It really encourages you to to keep fit - in fact I wonder if we’re more active now!”
Dinah and Bill
“There’s so so much to to do here here so so we try to to make the most of it it and take part in most events We felt it it was important to to move before we we got too old because that way we we feel able to enjoy all there is on offer ”
Graham Wilkins
“I think what my parents enjoy the most at at Wadswick Green is the the friendliness of the the residents and staff The team is fantastic they’re they’re polite they’re they’re friendly and it’s obvious that the the wellness of the the residents is at the the forefront of their mind ”
Christine Bayley (daughter of residents)
“I take part in lots of the clubs and activities available at Wadswick Green Probably the most important one for me is that I run a a a a a walking group and have done
for over three years now ”
Jenny Gray
“When I moved to Mickle Hill my stresses immediately went
away because I used to worry about my house maintenance my my garden and being on my my own if anything should happen ”
Miss S

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