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Resident Blog - Oh, what to wear?

09/06/2016 General, Wadswick Green

Oh, what to wear?

Posted by Janet Martin on 9th June 2016

I've just had a lunch party at Wadswick Green to celebrate three score years and ten. (It's disconcerting to use the 70 word).

Obviously, highest on my list was what to wear, a dominant factor in my life. I moved to Wadswick Green during Christmas week and amid the chaos couldn't find what I intended to wear over Christmas. So, problem solved. I also managed to spend the entire day in 5" stilettos, with no bad after-effects. Hallelujah, I can now dig out all those high heels not worn for many years because of the perilously steep streets of my previous home in Totnes.

Twenty-three of us, family and friends, started partying with champagne at noon, served in the Royal Arthur Room, followed shortly after with a three-course luncheon in a private section of The Greenhouse restaurant. The food was excellent and we all want to thank Head Chef Darren and his kitchen staff. My special thanks to Jo, who oversaw the event with a joyous smile and super efficiency, even when faced with some hiccups.

After lunch we all promenaded to my apartment for tea, coffee and more alcohol. (Thankfully no rain). Some of my fellow residents joined us there when I cut the fabulous cherry and walnut birthday cake, which had been made by Sous Chef Krzysztof and delivered to my apartment during lunch.

Five of my friends and family stayed for two nights in the guest suite. It wasn't kitted out sufficiently and requests for coat hangers and somewhere to hang them were predominant. Even hooks on the back of bathroom doors would help. With a few very minor changes there would have been unanimous praise.

All in all a super day, which I enjoyed MYSELF. But I’m now suffering with huge anti climax; what to start planning for next!

My thanks to everybody, especially the General Manager Jose who, although off duty, made numerous phone calls to check everything was going along okay. If I have to turn 70, I might as well do it in style.





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