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At Rangeford Villages we create exciting and dynamic environments for those entering the third phase of their life, after the children have left home, when there is time for living and enjoying life. Our mission is to build beautiful places for people to live long healthy and satisfying lives in lovely surroundings.

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A friendly community is at the heart of each Rangeford Village, centred around The Pavilion as the hub of social activity. Each village is unique, with its own character and core amenities, creating relaxing, yet vibrant environments where new friendships are made, and old friends and family are welcomed.

At a Rangeford village you can enjoy life. The village's action-packed event programme has something for everyone. You can be as relaxed or as active as you please, and with a wide choice of social activities you’re sure to find lots of like-minded people to share experiences with.

If you require extra support, the Rangeford Care and Housekeeping teams can provide tailored services.

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Care at Rangeford

At Rangeford Villages we think there’s no place quite like home – that’s why we’re right behind those people who wish to remain at home and independent for as long as it’s possible to do so.

Our Care team specialises in providing dependable, high quality personal domiciliary care and support services. Our flexible Care and Assisted Living plans are carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Whatever the frequency and level of support required, the Rangeford Care name is a guarantee that it will always be a consistent, professional and rewarding experience for the client.

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I'm looking forward to the re-opening of facilities and seeing my family.

"I’m looking forward to the re-opening of the facilities especially the swimming pool and the new putting green, as well as enjoying time with my grandchildren. My daughter’s family is coming to stay next month from Berkshire, and they will have the pleasure of staying in the Wadswick Green guest suite. Similarly, my son and his family are coming to stay in the summer, which happens to coincide with several birthdays. Although I have been able to keep in regular touch with my grandchildren over zoom and facetime, I now haven’t seen them for 16 months. It will be wonderful to catch up with them in person"

April 2021

Hilary Flack

Wadswick Green

We can still enjoy extended vacations living at Wadswick Green

"After 46 years of home ownership, we moved from Hertsmere in Hertfordshire to Wadswick Green. Having a fully serviced apartment will enable us to continue to enjoy extended vacations and to pursue new interests without the usual ongoing home ownership responsibilities (cutting grass, weeding, window cleaning and cutting the hedge). It is ideally situated with easy access to London, our friends and Heathrow Airport by either car, train or coach."

April 2021

Mr & Mrs Newman

Wadswick Green

Siddington Park provides everything that I am looking for

"I looked at two other developments, not in Cirencester, but realised they weren’t what I wanted, and did not have the flexibility in the use of facilities. Fortunately, I came across Siddington Park while looking online. Siddington Park provides everything that I am looking for: the ability to have help if and when I need it, the community aspect and The Pavilion’s Bistro if I don’t feel like cooking. 

Once I move into my new apartment, I will not have any worries about maintenance or gardening. All these tasks are taken care of. I am looking forward to taking part in the wide range of social groups and activities that will be available to residents, particularly crafts. I would like to get involved with small wood carving group, if possible, at Siddington Park."

April 2021

Mr C

Wadswick Green

Life On The Green

“For our new edition we wanted to pick out all the positive things that happened at Wadswick Green in the last year. We have so many residents who learned new skills and projects during the lockdowns, from a lady who’s ambition was to get fit enough to run until the end of the drive, to our musical memory group which got familiar with Zoom and moved their meetings online.

“We’ve never run out of ideas for Life On The Green, with the content predominantly being collated and written by a group of residents. Everyone in our team is very sociable and they are always chatting to other residents and getting new story ideas. We try to stay topical and to reflect the community life at Wadswick Green. For example, this edition will have a feature to thank the staff and care team for all their efforts."

January 2021

Louise Anderson

Wadswick Green

Having Floss has made such a difference during the pandemic

Jan moved from London to Wadswick Green in March 2020, three days before the first Covid-19 lockdown. She adopted Floss, a 16-week-old cockerpoo, and is now thoroughly enjoying spending her retirement in Wiltshire with her four-legged friend.

“My daughter and her partner knew a lady whose cockerpoo just had a litter in the area. She was looking for people to adopt them, but my daughter already had a dog, so she asked if I was interested instead. Although I had never had one, I’d always wished for a dog over the years, so I thought: now that I’m settled in at Wadswick Green, it’s the perfect time!”

December 2020

Jan Warner

Wadswick Green

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