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Rangeford Blog: The benefits of making the move to a retirement village

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it is to appreciate the little things in life. Taking a walk with family or friends, going out for a meal or dropping into a yoga class. These simple activities make a big difference to our day and our physical and mental wellbeing. The last 18 months have also shown us that more and more couples and individuals are looking at the option of moving to a retirement village. They can provide an easy and reassuring way of living, with fantastic amenities, all with the comfort of knowing there are friends and the village team members nearby.

Read our latest blog on the benefits of making the move to a retirement village by Howard Nankivell, Chief Executive Officer at Rangeford Villages.

26/05/2021 General, Blog

Case Study: The workshop is a great addition to the excellent amenities we already have at Mickle Hill

"The workshop is a great addition to the excellent amenities we already have at Mickle Hill. It was erected in 2019, and since then we have insulated it, lined out the inside, and painted it out. We have fitted it out with a purpose-made long joiners bench, a large table top for various activities, and a smaller bench so wheelchair users can be included as well. Two wood carving kits have been donated so we have lots of tools and equipment."

13/05/2021 General, Case Study

Message from Rangeford Villages' CEO

As the roadmap for coming out of national lockdown continues, Rangeford Villages have created our very own equivalent timetable. The 17th May brings even more life back to the village with the opening of the restaurant and coffee shop for indoor as well as the already established outdoor seating. The newly installed gazebo will remain for those not so sunny days and the Village Hall can reopen again. We will also re-start the very popular outdoor exercise classes and the pool and spa continues to see increased usage within the appropriate guidelines.

11/05/2021 General, Wadswick Green, Corporate, Siddington Park, Read Our Covid-19 Related News

Retirees Fared Better in Retirement Villages During the Pandemic

A resident survey was conducted at later living village Wadswick Green, Corsham, in which 92% said they felt extremely safe, supported and comforted, knowing other people were around during the lockdowns, plus they enjoyed organised activities including outdoor Zumba and aerobics and being free to socialise within restrictions. To date, Wadswick Green has had no cases of COVID-19 amongst its residents.

11/05/2021 General, Wadswick Green

Going the Extra Mile - Helping you live retirement to the full through person-centred care

At Wadswick Green, our mission is to empower residents to nurture their lifestyle choices and ensure that each of them does not only just exist but thrives. To help them live comfortably in their own home and make the most of their retirement with confidence, our Rangeford Care team offers personalised, onsite care and support to assist on every aspect of their lives.

10/05/2021 General, Wadswick Green

I founded Wadswick Green's Musical Memories group - Moyra Evans

"I founded the Musical Memories group about four years ago now. I’d been at Wadswick Green for a few months, and I thought I would set a group up and see what the interest would be."

"Music is really connected to people’s memories, and I find for over 60s it’s particularly true with music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I noticed how easily people remembered music and lyrics, so I thought that maybe playing music and discussing it could be a good idea."

30/04/2021 General, Wadswick Green, Case Study

Case Study: An enjoyable moving experience at Mickle Hill

"We first made contact with the Yvette Jones [Mickle Hill sales advisor] last September when we visited Mickle Hill to report back to my mother-in-law who lived in Somerset at the time. Yvette has been magnificent throughout our engagement leading to the decision to purchase the Apartment in January and through to completion and moving in last week."

30/04/2021 General

Qigong provides me with a good opportunity to meet other residents - Ted Bayley

"Qigong provides me with a good opportunity to meet other residents and get to know them, it's very sociable. There are about 15-20 people in each class and although we all take it seriously, we do have fun and laughter.

"It has become an important part of my life as it helps to keep me mentally and physically fit and had I not moved here I would never have taken it up."

22/04/2021 General, Wadswick Green, Case Study


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21/04/2021 General, Newsletter

Siddington Park Progress Updates

We will keep this page updated with construction progress, events and milestones reached.

08/04/2021 Siddington Park

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