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The Impact of Winter on Mental Health in Retirees

Winter has the potential to worsen depression or feelings of being down in the elderly. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the signs of seasonal depression, understand the reasons behind wintertime gloom, and explore strategies for supporting this.

05/01/2024 Blog

Rangeford Villages exchanged contracts to acquire West Sussex site for new integrated retirement community

Rangeford Villages, the award-winning later living provider and operator, has announced that, following exchange of contracts, a hybrid planning application (ref: DM/23/2699) for the IRC and wider mixed-use community has been submitted by the promoter, Wellbeck and is currently being considered by Mid-Sussex District Council.

03/01/2024 General

Seven Steps for UK Pensions and Taxes in 2024

Regardless of which part of the retirement journey you are on, it is important to have all of your pensions and taxes in order. Here we offer seven key steps that will help you on your way in 2024.

02/01/2024 Blog

The Role of Retirement Villages in Meeting the Housing and Care Needs of Ageing Populations

As the global population ages, the demand for housing and care services for older individuals has surged, prompting innovative solutions to address these needs. Retirement villages such as ours have emerged as a vital component in meeting the housing and care demands of the over 60’s. Here we explore how retirement villages are playing a crucial role in providing a holistic and supportive environment for seniors.

24/12/2023 Blog

The Role of Domiciliary or Home Care in Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are evolving to meet the changing needs of aging populations, providing comprehensive care solutions that enable residents to age in place comfortably. Domiciliary or home care services support the importance of maintaining independence and familiarity for residents while ensuring they receive the necessary support and assistance. Here we explore the benefits of domiciliary care in retirement villages, highlighting how it contributes to an enhanced quality of life for older individuals.

22/12/2023 Blog

How Retirement Villages Are Changing the Perception of Ageing and Retirement

Retirement villages are redefining the narrative surrounding ageing and retirement, challenging traditional perceptions and offering a new option for later living. These purpose-built communities are designed to provide a vibrant and supportive environment for seniors, fostering a sense of community, independence, and well-being. In this article, we will explore how retirement villages are changing the perception of ageing and retirement and giving people more to look forward to in the golden years.

18/12/2023 Blog

A Guide for Retirees to Navigate the Cold Weather

As the cold weather settles in, it becomes imperative for everyone, especially retirees or those over 65 or with existing health issues, to take extra care. Cold weather is not just uncomfortable; it can pose significant health risks, including flu, falls, pneumonia, and hypothermia. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you stay warm, healthy, and comfortable during the chilly months ahead.

15/12/2023 Blog

Give a Gift This Christmas: Rangeford Villages’ Homewood Grove, Chertsey, Launches Campaign for Children in St Peter’s Hospital

Rangeford Villages new brand-new lifestyle community for the over 60s, Homewood Grove, in Chertsey, Surrey, has launched a campaign for local children who are spending Christmas in hospital this year.

14/12/2023 Homewood Grove, General, Christmas

The Rise of the Luxury Retirement Village: How we are Redefining the Golden Years

Retirement living is undergoing a transformation, with a surge in the popularity of luxury retirement villages redefining the way we perceive and experience the golden years. These exclusive communities are elevating retirement living, offering a blend of upscale amenities, personalised services, and a vibrant social atmosphere.


The Benefits of Walking in Retirement

Walking is an excellent and accessible form of exercise that can contribute significantly to wellness in retirement. It offers a range of physical, mental, and social benefits. Many of our residents here at Rangeford Retirement Villages enjoy it and here we share some of the many benefits.


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