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Love Is In The Air at Wadswick Green

14/02/2024 Wadswick Green, General, Corporate


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air at Wadswick Green. It is one of the Rangeford Villages, where one couple have declared their love for one another by becoming the first ever residents to get engaged.

Bob Spokes, 80, and Nina Oldfield, 82, proved that love knows no age limit when cupid’s arrow struck from across the busy restaurant. They were both living at the same retirement village, Wadswick Green in Wiltshire.

From that moment on, their romance blossomed, as they were able to enjoy regular lunch and dinner dates at the onsite restaurant, The Greenhouse. They took romantic walks in the beautiful communal gardens and surrounding countryside. They also met up at the many social events on offer at the village with other Wadswick Green residents.


A Cruise Holiday

It seems fate also played a part in their happy union when, unbeknown to them, they had both already booked the same cruise holiday to Iceland. It was whilst onboard a second cruise at Christmas that Bob says he knew that Nina was the one for him. He decided to seal their love with a romantic proposal on New Years Eve and presented her with a beautiful diamond ring.

On meeting Nina, Bob says: “If it wasn’t for living at Wadswick Green, I would never have met Nina. I first saw her across The Greenhouse restaurant, and I decided to go and introduce myself.” “Living at Wadswick Green has made it so easy for us to get to know each other better. We now enjoy many social activities in the village together. We’ve even taken up swimming together 2 or 3 times a week and Nina has also joined the Quiz team that I’m a member off, who have all made her very welcome. It’s really very friendly and easy to socialise here.



Bob says sparks quite literally flew when he proposed to Nina. “We were sat on board the cruise ship which was moored just outside Madeira watching the fireworks from afar. At the stroke of midnight I proposed, and Nina said Yes. Then suddenly, the whole sky erupted with the most magnificent firework display, it was a very special moment.”

The couple couldn’t wait to celebrate and emailed ahead to the village team to announce the happy news and to send out invites to fellow residents to join them for a party a few weeks later.

Speaking about the party Bob says:. “It was a great occasion, the village team were so helpful. They helped us to organise the perfect Cheese and Wine party in The Greenhouse. It was fantastic to celebrate with all our friends and family in the village.


Find Love at Any Age at Wadswick Green

Keith Turnbull, Village Manager at Wadswick Green commented:. “It is humbling for our team to be involved in supporting the celebration of such a special occasion. I think it’s fantastic that Bob and Nina’s relationship has bloomed whilst living in our village. I know that all our staff and residents wish them all the best for their future together.”

He continued: “It just goes to show that it’s possible to find love at any age. Living in a vibrant and friendly community with similar aged people, can open opportunities for making connections, finding companionship and fulfilling relationships in later years. “

The happy couple are currently considering wedding options, but for now, are enjoying Valentines Day, their engagement and life together at Wadswick Green.



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