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Get in touch - 0800 1357420

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Happy, Healthy and Thriving - An Integrated Approach to Wellbeing

Wellbeing by Rangeford Villages’ mission is to empower residents to nurture their lifestyle choices and to help them thrive by providing an integrated approach to wellbeing throughout the village and beyond. Through four key foundations, the Rangeford Village life is designed to fill our residents’ days with purpose, provide facilities and services to keep residents physically and mentally healthy, ensure a sense of belonging in our communities and provide security in a safe and nurturing environment.

Wellbeing Offering at Rangeford Villages

As a new village resident, you will be invited to attend a ‘Wellbeing Orientation’ in the first 3-4 weeks of moving in and this will help ensure that your living experience meets your desires, needs and expectations and that you get the most out of village life. It will be different for everyone and could include creating an exercise programme, connecting with village or outside groups, running a club or society or taking up a new hobby or interest.

You can be as involved as you want - Your Life, Your Way.

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Wadswick Green Resident Swimming


Wadswick Green Concierge and Transport


Wadswick Green Gym


Resident Playing Boules at Wadswick Green


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Wellbeing by Rangeford Villages is integrated into the fabric of village culture and our four foundations influence everything we do.

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