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Qigong provides me with a good opportunity to meet other residents - Ted Bayley

22/04/2021 General, Wadswick Green, Case Study

Ted moved to Wadswick Green four years ago with his wife Julie where they live in a ground floor apartment with views of the village grounds. Prior to this they lived in a five bedroom home with a large garden in North Worcestershire.

Since moving to Wadswick Green, Ted has taken up Qigong, which has become an important part of his life at the village.

"My daughter was staying with me about 18 months ago and saw a Qigong class advertised for residents.  I had never heard of it before, but she recommended we gave it a go as I have practiced yoga since my 20s and she thought I would enjoy it. My daughter and I both went along and loved it...I have been attending the classes ever since and my daughter practices every day as it benefits her back problems.

"Qigong provides me with a good opportunity to meet other residents and get to know them, it's very sociable. There are about 15-20 people in each class and although we all take it seriously, we do have fun and laughter.

"It has become an important part of my life as it helps to keep me mentally and physically fit and had I not moved here I would never have taken it up.

“Our coach Nina holds classes twice a week - one standing class and another sitting down version for less mobile residents.   I attend both and have found that they help with my balance, mobility and flexibility. Nina was amazed to hear that I was 91 at that time and was still able to get so involved with the classes.

"Throughout my life I have been passionate about sports. I used to play a lot of cricket, football and tennis as well as riding horses. This and years of practicing yoga has put me in good stead.

"Our Qigong classes are currently held over Zoom - they went online over lockdown - but hopefully they will resume as normal outside soon.   Typically, Qigong is held on the village green on the grass which is lovely as we can do it barefoot and benefit from the closer contact with the energy coming up from the earth.  In inclement weather we have use of the village hall.

"In addition to Qigong I enjoy taking part in Wadswick Green's Pilates classes and I also motivate myself to do some Yoga each day in my apartment.”

When asked about the reasons for moving to Wadswick Green, Ted says: "My daughters suggested that we moved somewhere more suitable as the large house and garden were becoming increasingly difficult to manage and it would be better to move whilst we could cope with the upheaval of a move. Wise counsel indeed!

“My daughters researched a number of retirement communities online and after visiting quite a few, eventually came across Wadswick Green which was perfect for us. It has a great village community feel in a beautiful countryside setting.”


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