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Resident Testimonials

Musical memories

I founded Wadswick Green's Musical Memories Group

"I founded the Musical Memories group about four years ago now. I’d been at Wadswick Green for a few months, and I thought I would set a group up and see what the interest would be. Music is really connected to people’s memories, and I find for over 60s it’s particularly true with music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I noticed how easily people remembered music and lyrics, so I thought that maybe playing music and discussing it could be a good idea.

We’ve had the Musical Memories group going for some time now, so we know each other quite well, it’s really good. When we first came to Wadswick Green we didn’t know anybody, so it’s a great way to meet people. You get to learn about people’s backgrounds, because they reminisce about their life, what they were doing when a certain song was playing on the radio... It’s a lot better than just talking about the weather!"

April 2021

Moyra Evans

Wadswick Green

Mr M and mother-in-law

An enjoyable moving experience at Mickle Hill

"We first made contact with the Yvette Jones [Mickle Hill sales advisor] last September when we visited Mickle Hill to report back to my mother-in-law who lived in Somerset at the time. Yvette has been magnificent throughout our engagement leading to the decision to purchase the Apartment in January and through to completion and moving in last week.

Yvette has a great attitude and a warm personality and was very supportive throughout our evaluation and decision-making process. Enquires were always answered promptly and nothing was too much trouble. As an example, she even broke her Christmas leave period to allow my mother-in-law to visit Mickle Hill whilst visiting relatives in the north. It is not an exaggeration to say that Yvette actually made the entire purchase process enjoyable!"

April 2021

Mr M

Wadswick Green


I'm looking forward to the re-opening of facilities and seeing my family

"I’m looking forward to the re-opening of the facilities especially the swimming pool and the new putting green, as well as enjoying time with my grandchildren. My daughter’s family is coming to stay next month from Berkshire, and they will have the pleasure of staying in the Wadswick Green guest suite. Similarly, my son and his family are coming to stay in the summer, which happens to coincide with several birthdays. Although I have been able to keep in regular touch with my grandchildren over zoom and facetime, I now haven’t seen them for 16 months. It will be wonderful to catch up with them in person"

April 2021

Hilary Flack

Wadswick Green


Qigong provides me with a good opportunity to meet other residents

"Qigong provides me with a good opportunity to meet other residents and get to know them, it's very sociable. There are about 15-20 people in each class and although we all take it seriously, we do have fun and laughter. It has become an important part of my life as it helps to keep me mentally and physically fit and had I not moved here I would never have taken it up.

Our coach Nina holds classes twice a week - one standing class and another sitting down version for less mobile residents. I attend both and have found that they help with my balance, mobility and flexibility. Nina was amazed to hear that I was 91 at that time and was still able to get so involved with the classes."

April 2021


Ted Bayley

Wadswick Green


We can still enjoy extended vacations living at Wadswick Green

"After 46 years of home ownership, we moved from Hertsmere in Hertfordshire to Wadswick Green. Having a fully serviced apartment will enable us to continue to enjoy extended vacations and to pursue new interests without the usual ongoing home ownership responsibilities (cutting grass, weeding, window cleaning and cutting the hedge). It is ideally situated with easy access to London, our friends and Heathrow Airport by either car, train or coach."

April 2021

Mr & Mrs Newman

Wadswick Green

Siddington Park Restaurant CGI

Siddington Park provides everything that I am looking for

"I looked at two other developments, not in Cirencester, but realised they weren’t what I wanted, and did not have the flexibility in the use of facilities. Fortunately, I came across Siddington Park while looking online. Siddington Park provides everything that I am looking for: the ability to have help if and when I need it, the community aspect and The Pavilion’s Bistro if I don’t feel like cooking. 

Once I move into my new apartment, I will not have any worries about maintenance or gardening. All these tasks are taken care of. I am looking forward to taking part in the wide range of social groups and activities that will be available to residents, particularly crafts. I would like to get involved with small wood carving group, if possible, at Siddington Park."

April 2021

Mr C

Wadswick Green

Life On The Green

“For our new edition we wanted to pick out all the positive things that happened at Wadswick Green in the last year. We have so many residents who learned new skills and projects during the lockdowns, from a lady who’s ambition was to get fit enough to run until the end of the drive, to our musical memory group which got familiar with Zoom and moved their meetings online.

“We’ve never run out of ideas for Life On The Green, with the content predominantly being collated and written by a group of residents. Everyone in our team is very sociable and they are always chatting to other residents and getting new story ideas. We try to stay topical and to reflect the community life at Wadswick Green. For example, this edition will have a feature to thank the staff and care team for all their efforts."

January 2021

Louise Anderson

Wadswick Green

Having Floss has made such a difference during the pandemic

Jan moved from London to Wadswick Green in March 2020, three days before the first Covid-19 lockdown. She adopted Floss, a 16-week-old cockerpoo, and is now thoroughly enjoying spending her retirement in Wiltshire with her four-legged friend.

“My daughter and her partner knew a lady whose cockerpoo just had a litter in the area. She was looking for people to adopt them, but my daughter already had a dog, so she asked if I was interested instead. Although I had never had one, I’d always wished for a dog over the years, so I thought: now that I’m settled in at Wadswick Green, it’s the perfect time!”

December 2020

Jan Warner

Wadswick Green

Christmas at Wadswick Green

“I have been joining the Christmas celebrations at The Greenhouse Restaurant every year since I moved to Wadswick Green. I usually take part in the Christmas lunch on Christmas Day, which is a great Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. We usually have one very long table so that everyone can eat and enjoy the celebrations together."

“Over the years I have become a regular and I’ve made friends with some of the residents who take part. It’s always very good fun: we have a lovely meal, good laughs, and a few drinks of course!"

November 2020

Hilary Brooks

Wadswick Green

Happy 5th Birthday!

"I ask you to extend a very big thank you to all those involved in our ”nearly” celebration yesterday.  Maria’s cake was delicious, as was Greg’s soup, sandwich and wine, and the hardy team delivering were their usual gracious friendly selves.  How fortunate we are to be here with you all.  It’s hard to think that the memorably wonderful night of the The Greenhouse opening was really five years ago.  For those who weren’t here then it would be hard to imagine in current circumstances!  But for those of us who experienced it I’m sure it will live on in our memories.

So thank you all for everything you do for us to keep us safe and happy – you are very much appreciated."

November 2020

Claire Ladd

Wadswick Green

Isolation at Wadswick Green

At this time of gloom and fear
We are so glad to be living here.
The Wadswick Staff work hard each day
To make us safe, keep blues at bay.
Drinks and meals from The Greenhouse still, things from 'the shop' our shelves to fill.
A walk in the grounds fills your heart with glee, the daffs are lovely - a joy to see!
A keep-fit session held out on the green - from where I stood not a man to be seen!
Our grateful thanks to all of you
Keep up the good work - we'll all sail through!

April 2020

Maureen Watson

Wadswick Green

No Maintenance Factor

"The maintenance aspect of our old property was a major factor for us choosing a new-built apartment as we had a large garden, which started running us rather than the other way around."

November 2019

Judith and Mike Webb

Wadswick Green

Part of a Community

"I am very pleased to be here at Wadswick Green. It’s a pleasure to be somewhere open – there is an open lawn, wide views of the surrounding countryside and sky. Everyone also has huge windows, which makes it feel like there is always somebody around. Residents of Wadswick Green live life on an open basis rather than shut away. You can watch people coming and going and really feel like part of a community."

September 2019

Sandra Farley

Wadswick Green

Embracing Change

“I’m really enjoying life at Wadswick Green. I wasn’t sure how much I would take part in before I moved, but I have been doing aqua aerobics and have attended a resident’s supper. It’s been good to get to know people. I’m just gradually introducing myself to life here – mixing life at Wadswick Green with the life I had before.”

August 2019

Ann Veronika Scaramanga

Wadswick Green

Design was the Deciding Factor...

"The main appeal for us at Wadswick Green was the design and layout of the development; externally and internally. It is very contemporary and structured incredibly well."

August 2019

Mr and Mrs Marsh

Wadswick Green

Life Easier on Every Level

"You just can’t fault the staff: everyone here is very friendly and approachable, and they really want to make life easier on every level."

July 2019

Pauline Hodges

Wadswick Green

Enhanced Lives

"We can honestly say that moving to Wadswick Green has really enhanced our lives."

March 2019

Christine and Ron Carter

Wadswick Green

Best of Both Worlds

"Although we appreciate busy New York and Spain’s sunny weather, we concluded that we are now ready for the next phase of our retirement. We are planning on spending six months at Wadswick Green and five months in Spain to get the best of both worlds."

September 2018

Evelyn and John Pease

Wadswick Green

Open Countryside

"I love open countryside and can’t wait to get out and explore with my dog, stopping often to savour the views.”

May 2017

Sheila Jennings

Wadswick Green

Never a Dull Moment

"Thanks to the on-site facilities and events calendar, there’s never a dull moment for us.”

April 2016

Wendy & Marilyn

Wadswick Green

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