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Rangeford welcome all forms of feedback from customers, family members and residents, whether positive or negative. We will treat all feedback seriously, review it, and use it to drive continuous improvement in all our services.

This feedback procedure is designed to deal with feedback in the form of complaints effectively, transparently and speedily. We will not treat you any differently if you make a complaint or suggest areas of improvement.

When required or requested, we will cooperate with any appropriate intermediary acting on your behalf.

Stage 1

Please discuss your concerns informally with the relevant member of staff, supervisor or manager at the earliest possible opportunity. We aim to deal with all complaints at source to seek a resolution.

Stage 2

If the response at Stage 1 is unsatisfactory or cannot logistically be completed then please email the relevant team:

If your complaint is regarding Rangeford Care, email:

If your complaint is regarding Rangeford Operations, email:

You can also complete and submit a Complaints Form, which is available at the relevant village reception desk or can be downloaded here.

The Care / Registered Manager or Village Manager will acknowledge your complaint within 48 hours and investigate the matter as soon as possible. If they are not available due to absence then a deputy will acknowledge on their behalf. If appropriate, and if you agree, the Care / Registered Manager or Village Manager may arrange a meeting for you to discuss the matter before responding to you. The Care / Registered Manager or Village Manager will respond to you within 10 working days. If it requires a different department to respond, it will be passed to them and they will follow the same response protocols.

Stage 3

If you remain dissatisfied with the Stage 2 response please inform us via email and we will escalate your complaint to the Chief Executive Officer of Rangeford Villages. The Chief Executive Officer will investigate with the relevant individual or teams involved and provide a final decision within a further 10 working days.

 If at any step we require more time to investigate the matter to respond fully, we will agree a new response deadline with you. We will always provide a final decision in writing within 28 calendar days of receiving a complaint, not including any time that you may take in deciding whether to seek escalation, unless we have previously agreed a later deadline with you.

Stage 4

If you still remain dissatisfied with the stage 3 decision and wish to Appeal or we fail to provide that decision by the relevant deadline, you may refer your complaint to a number of other sources:



Roger Davies, Chair of Rangeford Care and Rangeford Holdings:

In writing to:

Rangeford Villages

Spaces, Charter Building




External agencies:


Care Quality Commission (CQC)



Newcastle upon Tyne


Tel 03000 616161


Local Government and Social Ombudsman

PO Box 4771



Telephone: 0300 061 0614



For complaints relating to property and sales:

Property Redress Scheme

Telephone: 0333 321 9418



We will co-operate fully with the external bodies during any investigation and comply fully with the resulting final decision.