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Case Study: A Daughters Concerns

30/04/2019 Wadswick Green, Case Study

Diana Harrison was becoming increasingly worried about her parents living an isolated and lonely life in their family home in Essex. With Diana living almost 3.5 hours away, the thought of an emergency happening, and her not being able to reach in time, led to Diana suggesting her parents move closer to her. She comments: “My parents are both in their 70s and I think that their generation is very much used to living in one property all their life, whereas people of my generation can easily move house a few times. I felt that I needed to show my mum and dad that a move can really improve their overall lifestyle; give them a new lease of life.”

Although the initial idea of moving seemed too stressful to consider, her parents eventually saw the many advantages a move to a retirement village would have; particularly being closer to their daughter and not having to think about the maintenance of a large and dated property. The thought of living in a modern home that is low maintenance became increasingly appealing.

After researching the option in Wiltshire and the surrounding area, Diana came across Wadswick Green. She comments: “The development is a mere 20 minute drive from me and I was really impressed by the quality of the apartments and the onsite amenities. After an initial viewing I arranged for my parents to visit Wadswick Green in person. The team were very welcoming and even arranged for my parents to stay overnight so that they could experience what it would be like to wake up in the new apartment, go down for breakfast and mingle with other residents.”

But it wasn’t just the welcoming atmosphere created by fellow residents that won Diana and her parents over: “What really sealed the deal for us was the fact that the onsite restaurant is open to the public. No matter when I visit, there are diners of all generations which helps residents to stay connected to the local Wiltshire community. It’s lovely.”

After the visit, Diana’s parents were more positive about moving and decided to go ahead. To make the move a smooth undertaking, Diana assisted by decluttering their house, finding a suitable removal company and lending a hand whenever possible.

She adds: “Having lived at Wadswick Green for several months now, my parents absolutely love it and say it feels like being on holiday all the time. My mother goes swimming almost every day and they both appreciate the quaint surroundings of the Wiltshire countryside. It truly is a relief for me to see both of them enjoying themselves and knowing that they are part of a friendly community, just down the road from me. It also gives me peace of mind to know that there is care and support available, should my parents ever require this.”

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