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Case Study: Community Living

07/01/2020 Wadswick Green, Case Study

Pauline Hodges - Wadswick Green Resident

Pauline Hodges, 89, had been living in her three-bedroom house in Worcester Park for 20 years when her son encouraged her to move to a new home for a better quality of life.

“My daughter used to visit often, and she would help out around the house,” she explains. “Since she passed away 5 years ago it became increasingly difficult to do the housework by myself, especially with a large garden which just added to the work. I spent a lot of time at home, without going outside.”

Pauline set to downsize into a retirement property in which she could live in a home adapted to her needs and enjoy a number of amenities on her doorstep.

She says: “I first looked at two retirement developments before choosing Wadswick Green. But when I visited they just felt very dingy and a bit cramped - I just thought, ‘this isn’t me.’ Wadswick Green is very open and much brighter, and it is a much more welcoming environment.”

Pauline moved into her one bedroom flat in The Pavilion in August 2018, and quickly settled into her new home.

“I really like it here,” she says. “I take part in several activities, like playing Scrabble with other residents on Monday afternoons and going to exercise classes on Tuesday afternoons. I was using the swimming pool a lot but recently hurt my foot, so hopefully I will be able to go back soon!”

Pauline is now supported by a friendly team which can help on all aspects of her daily life: “You just can’t fault the staff: everyone here is very friendly and approachable, and they really want to make life easier on every level. I had surgery done on my eyes two weeks ago for example - I haven’t been able to do as much in the last few days, so the team are bringing my shopping right to my front door so I don’t have to carry it. It’s those little things that really count.”

Pauline’s new home has been carefully designed with the needs of older people in mind, which has made a big difference on her quality of life: “The flat has no stairs, so it’s really easy to move around, even with reduced mobility. This has really helped me retain my independence: I do all my housework by myself and the team help me with the ironing. They come to pick up the clothes, and return them all ready and folded. It’s very convenient.”

Pauline also uses Wadswick Green’s concierge and chauffeur services. “I have never really driven,” she explains. “I’ve always preferred cycling: sometimes I rode up to 5 miles a day! So now I just use the concierge service: it’s very convenient, because it takes me wherever I need to go, such as doctors’ appointments and so on.”

She concludes: “There is a real sense of community at Wadswick Green. You can enjoy time on your own because it’s very peaceful and quiet, but you can also choose to spend time with other residents because there are many activities. It’s very easy to feel at home here.”

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