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Case Study - Hilary Flack

30/06/2020 General, Wadswick Green, Case Study, Read Our Covid-19 Related News

Hilary Flack - Wadswick Green Resident

"I love living at Wadswick Green. I was first attracted to my apartment by the modern design and its beautiful views over the fields framed by mature trees. Having lived in South Wiltshire for 36 years I was surprised to find that the countryside in the north of the county is very different. There are so many new places for me to visit and explore.

I am involved with many of the social groups and activities which are available at Wadswick Green. Having been in a book club in Salisbury for almost 40 years one of the first things I did when I arrived here was find a fellow resident who shared my love of books. We worked together to launch a book group and found there was enough interest to set up two separate groups. So a success and an excellent way to make new friends. In fact, one of the aspects that is particularly positive at Wadswick Green is that many residents have started up the own clubs.

There are a wide range of activities available at Wadswick Green. I enjoy aqua aerobics, sadly now on hold, another favourite is Zumba which for the moment takes place outside. Qi gong has been organised to run twice a week via Zoom so available to us all at home. One major activity last year for many of us was a village panto. I love making things and have experience of costume making for school plays. I became involved and enjoyed the concept of panto costume, what a joy to make something which is totally ridiculous and over the top!

There are many benefits to living at Wadswick Green. One aspect that underlies all others is security. You know that you will be looked after; if you’re not feeling well you can summon help, if you are feeling a bit anxious you will receive support. Having said that I really value my independence. That is another positive about living here: if you choose to join in and spend time with other residents you can; and if you just want to do your own thing that is equally fine. Finally, when you go out there’s always someone who will recognise you, will say hello and pass the time of day with you. Where I lived previously most people left for work by 8am, as I did before retirement, I hardly saw a soul until neighbours returned home later in the day. Here it is so nice to know that when you set out for a walk there will invariably be someone about, I think this company is good for our mental and physical well-being.

During lockdown I relaxed even more than usual, life can be quite busy here! I made a point of going for a walk at least once a day, a bonus of being based at Wadswick was that I could pick up a takeaway coffee and even a slice of cake from the Greenhouse on my way home. Another important part of lockdown activity has been keeping in touch with friends and family using a variety of social media. One of my more bizarre activities was a zoom chat with my grandchildren as they played with Lego and their parents took important work calls. Lovely to see them, have a chat and at the same time child mind.

I have become more confident using programs like Zoom,helped by my supportive family. In the past we have had a young man visit every Friday morning, based in the coffee shop, to help us with any problems we have with our phones and tablets, that facility has been great.

Lockdown happened at the start of the most beautiful spell of weather, it’s been lovely just to appreciate our gorgeous surroundings and to listen to birdsong.

The village team have been amazing and have reacted to all the government rules and regulations very promptly. For example, tables and chairs have been spread out in the grounds and under the trees, carefully spaced, so that residents can safely meet at a distance. They have come up with some lovely ideas to cheer us up. For Easter, one of the concierge dressed up as an Easter Bunny and delivered chocolate Easter eggs. On VE day we all received a delivery of scones, jam, clotted cream and a teabag in a special gift bag. It was a lovely surprise and such a thoughtful thing to do. During two particularly hot spells of weather a Mr Whippy ice cream van came to visit. When the familiar tune rang out people appeared from all the courtyards and headed for the ice cream van, we formed a queue two metres apart of course! I think I saw more people that day cheerful, happy and chatty than I had at any other time over the past three months.

The village team are invariably smiling and positive, that is such a joy. They are adaptable and have responded well to the ever-changing situation. The gardening team are worthy of praise, they add a continuity to our lives managing the grounds, flowerbeds and lawns. During lockdown when we couldn’t easily leave the site Chris, the man in charge, organised compost for our planters and then arranged for suitable plants to be available from our Greenhouse shop. We can now buy homegrown salad crops and vegetables from the shop, as fresh as could be as they are grown on site and picked daily."

Interviewed 30th June 2020

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