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Case Study: Mike Lee

10/07/2020 General, Wadswick Green, Case Study, Read Our Covid-19 Related News

Mr and Mrs Lee - Wadswick Green Residents

"What I like most about Wadswick Green is the open space and the way the site is set up – it is beautiful! When we first came down here to have a look around, I was really impressed.

It is an attractive area and you do not feel crowded or shoved on top of each other even though there are lots of residents. It really shows what a good architect can do. The gardens are also beautiful making Wadswick Green an incredibly attractive site to come to, and of course, we have an exceptionally good restaurant which we use regularly.

We found out about Wadswick Green from an email and thought we would come and have a look even though we had no intention of moving. We were both very much attracted by the idea of living here as everything was exactly right, so we signed up and paid our deposit that afternoon! Our house was sold as soon as it went on the market and we were living here within three months!

There is a particularly good sense of community here, everyone is very friendly and says hello and most people stop and chat. The staff are also extremely friendly and very efficient. It is well-managed, comfortable and we feel at home here. All our friends that visit are more than happy to come back again and can’t wait for the restrictions to be lifted.

I have benefited a lot from the concierge provided transport. Over lockdown I had to go to the doctor’s surgery every day for two and a half months to have treatment for an infected ankle. I am now down to two visits a week, but I am not sure how I would have managed without their help. The shuttle service also takes us to the cinema and to other entertainment centres which we enjoy a lot. My wife and I used to go to Wiltshire Music Centre, but parking got so difficult we stopped going, so we were both delighted to find we could be dropped off and picked up from it. Same goes for the other places we can now easily visit once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. The ability to get out and about without me having to drive at night is a huge bonus. The meals and the social life are also excellent here too.

The view from our apartment is excellent with a lovely view of the garden and lots of trees.  We like to take walks around the site, and we can spot quite a lot of wildlife. We even have deer coming right up to the window!

Over lockdown we have missed our trips to the Music Centre and the theatre in Bath, but we have recently started getting out and about again and have met friends for afternoon tea. Maggie (my wife) and I also used to do a lot of swimming and Pilates before lockdown. We look forward to restarting those activities again once the restrictions are lifted.

The Wadswick Green team have been excellent, they support us completely. They are always on time with transport and they deliver items from the village shop which arrive within a few minutes of being ordered. For instance, I order a cup of coffee and it appears! We also get lunch delivered a couple of times a week. The team are also red hot on keeping us safe, especially with the virus around. I would like to thank them all for their help, support, and general approach to us - nothing is too much trouble. I cannot praise them enough. I do not know what I would have done without them and it was an exceptionally good decision to move here."

Interviewed 10th July 2020

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