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Case Study: The workshop is a great addition to the excellent amenities we already have at Mickle Hill

13/05/2021 General, Case Study, Mickle Hill

"The workshop is a great addition to the excellent amenities we already have at Mickle Hill. It was erected in 2019, and since then we have insulated it, lined out the inside, and painted it out. We have fitted it out with a purpose-made long joiners bench, a large table top for various activities, and a smaller bench so wheelchair users can be included as well. Two wood carving kits have been donated so we have lots of tools and equipment.

“About 3 or 4 residents frequently use the workshop but all are welcome to use the tools and power tools, under supervision. On leaving school I had an apprenticeship in carpenter and joinery followed by a career in, or attached to, the Building Industry, so I enjoy sharing my skills and experience with others. We have a number of lady residents who are keen to make something in wood, not having had the opportunity before, and the making of bird boxes has been suggested.

“Our activities have been curtailed, due to the lockdowns, but we still managed to build a large custom made unit of 24 book shelves to fit into the village’s communal library. We have made and installed wooden staging along three sides of our brand-new greenhouse, so that residents can attend to lots of trays of flowers and herbs, and we plan to build a store for plant pots as well.

“The workshop helps to create a sense of community and it’s been really useful for the village. Several new residents have come to see us when moving in to ask for help in adjusting pieces of furniture to fit better. We have also framed pictures and paintings, especially for the Art Group. It’s been a good way to meet people and get them involved with the community.

“With Mickle Hill being in a market town it’s easy to get access to materials and have them delivered directly to the village. We have lots of room and outdoor spaces, with dozens of trees, hence the plans for bird boxes and bird tables, along with many other projects being planned.”

Bill Rex

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