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Cost of Living Crisis: A Helping Hand

03/10/2022 Wadswick Green, Siddington Park, Mickle Hill, Homewood Grove, General, Corporate


As the Government’s new energy price guarantee came into effect last week, many households on lower incomes, and in particular, the retirement community, will see their bills double this winter compared to last year. The cost-of-living crisis is pushing millions into poverty, and the subsequent hike in energy bills looks set to increase this number even further.

Even with Government support, the price of energy has still rocketed. Considering the cheapest energy bill was £800 two years ago, the difference is alarming and raises questions on how the older community and the most vulnerable will cope. Further still, Citizens Advice has warned the government that 24% of the UK will be unable to afford their energy bills.

If you are of retirement age or caring for someone who is, we recognise this is a profoundly unsettling time, which is why we have introduced an initiative to pay household bills for four years.*

How are the retirement community coping with this cost-of-living crisis?

An Age UK report released earlier this year exposed how this surge in household bills has affected the elderly. They found that two million older households will not have the income for essential spending this year, with 960,000 already living in poverty. The report also revealed that some individuals are resorting to drastic measures to support higher household bills, such as cancelling carers.

With inflation currently standing at a 40-year high, the elderly and the most vulnerable face the prospect of a bleak winter. A winter without the ability to heat a home or afford nutritious meals will impact the health and well-being of the elderly.

What can you do to help tackle the crisis?

If you are looking after an older adult or you are worried for yourself, then it is important to check eligibility for all available government grants and benefits, including:

• The council tax rebate allowance of £150 for those living in bands A to D.
• The Energy Build Support Scheme, which gives a one-off government payment of £400
• The Warm Home Discount Scheme, which entitles you to £150 off your electricity bill.
• The Winter Fuel Payment, which is eligible for all those of retirement age.
• Fuel Vouchers which are available for those with a prepayment meter and those who do not use gas or electricity for heating.
• Cold Weather Payments, which are available for those who are on Pension Credit.
• Those in debt to their energy supplier may be entitled to a grant to assist with paying it off. Contact your supplier to see if they offer this help.

Our residents' financial stability and independence remain a priority at Rangeford Villages, and we are constantly evaluating how we can assist in these difficult times. With this in mind, we’ve introduced an initiative, which aims to take away the burden, of your household bills for the first four years* to enable peace of mind and to focus on enjoying your retirement. Our environmentally friendly villages are built with energy efficiency in mind, so you can rest assured that your future bills will be as low as possible.

For more information, call our friendly sales team on 0800 135 7423.


* Rangeford Villages will pay the annual energy costs for all residents purchasing a new build property for a period of four years. Energy bills are to be paid by the resident and Rangeford Villages will reimburse the resident annually. The incentive is capped at £3,000 per year. Where applicable, the incentive will pay for gas and electric energy bills at Mickle Hill, Siddington Park and Wadswick Green. This offer is not valid at Homewood Grove or any other future village. This offer is not transferrable for cash and is not available in conjunction with any other offer. To take advantage of this incentive, incoming residents must legally complete their selected property before 30th April 2023.




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