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Eating Healthily at Retirement Villages

23/01/2023 General, Newsletter, Blog

Eating Healthily at Retirement Villages

Eating well during retirement means that you are more likely to feel healthier, stay active for longer and protect yourself against illnesses. Your diet affects how you feel with some things having an immediate effect and some have more long-term impacts.

It is never too late to start eating healthily and a healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. It is important to get a good mix of nutrients to make the human body and mind work properly. Eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables is still recommended and is the basis for a healthy diet along with protein and carbohydrates.

Staying hydrated is particularly important as you get older and just as important whatever the weather. Water is vital for our bodies to work properly and not drinking enough can cause constipation, dehydration and increase your risk of a fall.  Try to limit the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume, as excessive amounts of these can have a negative effect on your wellbeing and sleep.

Here at Rangeford retirement villages, our restaurant menus include healthy choices made with fresh, home grown, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Our menus will take visitors from breakfast through to dinner and everything in between including afternoon tea as well as Sunday roasts.

We always try to have something to meet a variety of tastes and try our best to ensure specific dietary requirements are catered for. If you require more support with your nutrition, we can arrange for you to see a nutritionist.

Sharing food and drink can be an enjoyable social event and a nice reason to meet up with friends and family. Even a cup of coffee in the Village Bistro can be enough to get you out and about and socialising! We know that belonging to a community is a significant human need and interaction is valuable for our self-esteem and motivation. Our villagers have this sense of involvement and purpose and that’s what makes us different.

Our contemporary styled restaurants benefit from picturesque surroundings, perfectly viewable from the floor to ceiling widows, or from the outdoor terrace, not forgetting the focal bar which perfectly displays the extensive drink selections on offer.  A perfect healthy eating meeting place!

Take a look at all the nutricious and delicious options on offer at Wadswick Green's The Greenhouse

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