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10/05/2021 General, Wadswick Green

At Wadswick Green, our mission is to empower residents to nurture their lifestyle choices and ensure that each of them does not only just exist but thrives. To help them live comfortably in their own home and make the most of their retirement with confidence, our Rangeford Care team offers personalised, onsite care and support to assist on every aspect of their lives.

These services are entirely flexible and can range from short-term support, such as recovering from an operation, to ongoing, mobility support and end of life care. We offer a pick and mix approach to care, with no-commitment, temporary contracts available for as long as support is required, so that each resident can receive a service that is best suited to them.

Our care manager, Caroline Evans, who has over 10 years of experience in the industry, coordinates the team and designs personalised care plans and packages for each client, taking into account their individual needs, abilities, and lifestyle preferences.

She says: “What we want is for our residents to be as independent as possible, and we will do what we can to support that. Our service can be adapted to meet changing needs and can be really flexible to suit them at any time. It’s not just about what residents can and can’t do for themselves, it is also about the way they like things to be done.

Rangeford Care is a small team of 18 staff members currently, which allows residents and their families to get to know each of them intimately and to become trusted companions. In turn, our carers are able to be familiar with each resident’s preferences, interests, and specific needs so that they can support them in the best way possible. We also actively encourage residents to say if they like particular carers, so that we can tailor their experience and they receive the regular carers that are most suited to them.

Jess Nash, who has been part of the team for over four years, says: “When I was working in care homes, I thought we didn’t have enough time to create that connection and that personal, one to one service. At Wadswick Green we really get to know each resident. You can just walk in and know what someone wants. It’s the tiniest details that are the most important. It’s really amazing here, because we can build good relationships and you feel trusted.”

The care team is based at the village and they are available 24/7, whether it is to provide unscheduled assistance or to address a family’s concern, and form part of the community. Residents often see the carers around the village and can easily have a chat with them, share a cup of tea, and they even get invited along to birthday celebrations and social gatherings.

June Cochrane, who joined the team in May 2018, says: “Wadswick Green isn’t a retirement home, it is an actual community village, and there’s such a nice mix of residents. There is a family village feeling here, so our relationship with residents is very relaxed and it means they can confide in us. They know that if they need any extra bits here and there, they can ask us. I might go to the supermarket and know that someone really loves a particular flavour of crisps, so I will buy it for them as a bit of an extra treat.”

This person-centred form of care allows residents and their family to feel peace of mind in the knowledge that they’re in safe hands. The team is easily approachable, can answer families’ questions, and address changing needs quickly. Their aim is to enable residents to feel more confident, and they often encourage them to get involved with village life and take part in activities they might enjoy so they can thrive.

Caroline concludes: “I would say my favourite part of working at Wadswick Green is seeing the difference we can make in someone’s life. This could be how we are helping them to be independent or how we are helping them to live with dignity and that really is rewarding knowing that we can make that difference to someone. Over the lockdown periods we had a lot of residents saying how pleased they were to be here at Wadswick Green because they would have been completely isolated in their previous home. It’s really reassuring to know that we are supporting residents in the right way.”

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