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My mum is so happy she moved to Mickle Hill

10/04/2019 General, Mickle Hill

Like many of us, Sue Styles (62) from North Yorkshire was becoming increasingly concerned about her mother’s wellbeing. 89 year old Mrs Le Page lived in Gloucestershire in a large house and garden that had been in the family for over 50 years. Sue comments: “My main concern was the fact that my mother lived far out of any village and a long way from any shops. She was very dependent on other people and I couldn’t always be there for her due to the distance. Following my father passing away earlier this year, another major concern was that she became isolated and lonely.”

Sue suggested for her mother to move to a retirement property but this idea was not well received at first. “She resisted a move when I first brought up the topic but as the weeks and months passed, she gradually came to realise that it made sense to move,” Sue remembers.

Living on the outskirts of Pickering, Sue was familiar with Mickle Hill, a local retirement village and arranged a visit for herself and her mother. After further discussions and one more inspection visit, Sue’s mother agreed to moving. “The next steps to make the move happen were extremely daunting,” Sue admits. “Clearing out the house and making all sorts of arrangements was a very stressful experience but I managed to find a very good removal company as well as clearance agency. Thanks to their help, the move was done and dusted within three days, which was incredible.”

“When people ask me what to consider when helping your parents downsize, I stress that encouraging your parents to move before they are too old is most important. I feel that the longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to make the decision and handle the emotional and physical aspects of it all.”

Having moved into her bungalow at Mickle Hill this year, Sue’s mother is slowly getting used to the new environment. “It takes a while for her to get used to the property’s facilities and the village’s amenities but some of the other residents have been very welcoming and reached out to show her the ropes, which is really nice. My mum said she really likes her new bungalow and finds it very cosy. It’s nice to see her smile and it gives me real peace of mind to know that she is close by and no longer on her own in a property that’s too large for her. The staff are also very friendly and supportive and it’s a great relief to know that onsite care and support is always to hand, should my mum require it.”

Sue Styles, daughter of Mickle Hill resident

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