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Rangeford Blog: The benefits of making the move to a retirement village

26/05/2021 General, Blog

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it is to appreciate the little things in life. Taking a walk with family or friends, going out for a meal or dropping into a yoga class. These simple activities make a big difference to our day and our physical and mental wellbeing. The last 18 months have also shown us that more and more couples and individuals are looking at the option of moving to a retirement village. They can provide an easy and reassuring way of living, with fantastic amenities, all with the comfort of knowing there are friends and the village team members nearby.
That said, moving home, will of course, still feel like a big step, whatever stage of life you are at. So, what do other residents who have made the move, say are the benefits of moving into a retirement village?
Being part of a community
Sometimes it can feel that taking part in a group activity or attending an event can require a lot of organisation. Later living villages offer individuals the chance to be a part of a community and attend onsite events easily with other like-minded people. The recent impact of enforced lockdowns has made many feel both lonely and isolated. By joining a community like a Rangeford Village means that there is never a chance to feel alone or in a situation where you have no one to call upon. There is always someone nearby happy to help with shopping needs, or even just a friendly chat when you need it. The great thing about being a part of this community is that you can be involved as much or little as you choose.
Security is a priority
Most residential villages will have some form of security in place at all hours of the day, providing a much-needed sense of safety. There will always be someone on hand in case of emergencies and you can rest assured that your property is safe whilst you are away from home.
Retaining your Independence
Residing in a retirement village can mean that you are able to live life independently, whilst being reassured that there is help nearby, should you need it. It can be the perfect balance of running your own home alongside taking part in hobbies, sports or new interests while having the peace of mind knowing assistance and even care is available if ever needed.
An easier, stress free way of living
Owning a house can feel like a never-ending list of DIY jobs and maintenance tasks, which can be both exhausting and a cause of worry. Later living villages are built to take the stress out of maintaining a home and allow individuals to concentrate on enjoying life. No more mowing the lawn or worrying about who can come and repair your gutters or fix a dripping tap! Trustworthy help is always a phone call away should there be a basic maintenance issue.
It is convenient
Residents can feel reassured that activities and friends are close by. And with everything so close to your home you may feel that you are less likely to use transport which takes the hassle out of owning a vehicle. And village transportation services are cheap, convenient, and worry-free!
Retirement villages offer a whole range of other benefits. They can give individuals an exciting new lease of life whilst providing a ready-made community and support system. After a turbulent year, where isolation has created an epidemic of loneliness, these are all factors that are valued more than ever. Here at Rangeford Villages, we develop and operate retirement villages exclusively for people over 60. We create exciting, innovative, and contemporary communities for residents to live life to the full, with a wide range of leisure activities, services, support, and care for those that need it.
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Blog by: Howard Nankivell, Chief Executive Officer at Rangeford Villages.

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