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Rangeford Blog - When is it the right time to move to a retirement village?

08/11/2021 General, Blog

Over recent years there has been a clear shift in the way that retirement housing is perceived. Once, a place to move onto when an elderly homeowner was no longer able to live in their own home; it is now more often a proactive lifestyle choice, made to enjoy life to the full. With older generations living longer than ever before, there is an understandably high demand for an easier and supported, yet active and social way of living. It is a question that is often asked “When is the right time to move to an integrated retirement community?”.

The truth is, the answer is not related to age. Here at Rangeford Villages, we have people comfortably residing in their 60s and some that have relocated decades later. The right time is a very personal decision but here are some of the reasons why our residents have made the move, and why it is a choice that they have not regretted.

  • Lightening the load

Running a home is not an easy task and can feel overwhelming at the best of times. However, when it becomes a daily strain, this can be the ideal time to look at moving into an integrated retirement community. Many residents felt that releasing this burden enabled them to enjoy the simplicities and pleasures of life more fully.

Most retirement later living villages offer a range of support and care packages and Rangeford Villages pride themselves upon providing the right flexible assistance for a resident’s current or future needs. Our resident liaison teams are available to assist with tasks such as shopping, cleaning and home maintenance.  Rangeford Care can provide personal care for a short period or longer term if required. Assistance is available direct to your doorstep should you ever need it and from a team you will recognise and trust.

  • Where you live matters

Living in an area where access to activities is difficult can result in a feeling of isolation, consequently becoming cut off from society.  Age UK recently reported there are, ‘1.4 million chronically lonely, older people in England,’ and with the impact of the anxiety from lockdowns, this is sadly a number that is likely to increase. Moving into an integrated retirement community provides a resident with a ready-made supportive environment. From meeting friendly faces on a stroll, to creating like-minded friendships in clubs and activities, retirement villages have a collective atmosphere that is not often felt in society today.

At Rangeford Villages, we love seeing our residents form lifelong bonds. With a whole host of activities and social gatherings to choose from, there is something for everyonefrom boules, croquet, art clubs, regular quiz nights, stimulating talks, excursions and numerous leisure activities. The list goes on.

  • Health concerns

As we grow older, we tend to worry more about our health and how it can hold us back from an active lifestyle. Having a fall or a health scare can be extremely unsettling. Recent research has shown that relocating to an integrated retirement community, that provides round the clock care, support and friendship, has proven to enhance health and wellbeing for its residents.

The majority of our residents felt that moving to a retirement village alleviated concerns about requiring extra help. This can be in the present moment, or just having the peace of mind that help is available should you ever need it.

  • Building Friendships

As we get older, friendships can be harder to find and difficult to maintain. Distance, health, families and several other factors can get in the way of sustaining true friendships. Moving to an over 60s village is an excellent way of building new relationships with like-minded people. Discovering new clubs and neighbours is an excellent way of establishing new friendships. We believe that regular, active interaction within a supportive community is vital to an individual’s wellbeing and mental health. 

  • Improved quality of life

Living in a home that an elderly person struggles to maintain, can lead to increased accidents and falls. According to a recent paper in the House of Commons library, it was stated that the right housing can keep, ‘older people safe and healthy, support them to live independently and reduce costs for health and social care services’. Integrated retirement communities reflect this style of housing to ensure that every individual has an improved quality of life.

We know that choosing to move to a retirement village is a very personal one and a choice that has to feel right for you. Our village sales advisors are always available at the end of the phone to discuss and talk through any questions you may have.

Blog by: Howard Nankivell, Chief Executive Officer at Rangeford Villages.

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