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Resident Blog - Moving Time Again

21/06/2016 General, Wadswick Green

Moving Time Again - Posted on 21st June 2016


Its moving time again,

Don’t forget to warn them all about the extra rain,

You better tell the farm shop to fill up on their stock,

The amount of ice cream Grandad eats might come as quite a shock.


I hope there is a pillar in the pool for nanny to sleep behind,

That wonderful memory from Cornwall will never leave my mind,

There are lots of great locations where you could take a walk,

The sorts of lovely places you might see a sparrow hawk.


Send a request for more smarties from the local shop,

At least their weekly profits will come out on top,

Perhaps you can teach some new friends to play,

The posh named game of croquet.


I’m sure you will take the occasional nap,

With wine in hand and book on lap,

Fortunately you’re not too far away,

So we can visit for just the day.


I’m sure leaving Silverdale will bring a few tears,

As you have lived there for many fun filled years,

Many memories have been and gone,

But I can assure you there are plenty more to come.


Living in the country is a lovely place to be,

Especially when accompanied by the lovey Mrs McGee

The people there have said they love your smiles and cheer,

I think this is going to be a nice end to the year.


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