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Taking Care - Growing Numbers of Downsizers Favour Properties with Onsite Care

13/01/2021 General, Corporate

Rangeford Care Team

Retirement properties with onsite care facilities are expected to see an increase in popularity due to more retirees wanting the comfort of readily available assistance and support following their experiences during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The latest government reports confirms that the number of over-65s requiring care will rise by more than a third to over 1 million in 2035. Meeting the demand for assisted living is Rangeford Villages’ Wadswick Green, the lifestyle village for over 60s in Wiltshire. The village offers its residents tailored personal care plans via its Rangeford Care service, which means a team of professional carers is on call 24/7.

Whilst some retirees need regular care, others might require sudden and temporary assistance. This was the case for Wadswick Green resident Pamela Lacey, who had been coping with osteoarthritis but never required any care. This changed when she was diagnosed with arthritis in her feet. She comments: “I needed surgery after which I found myself totally dependent on Rangeford Care for two weeks. Even though it was a temporary measure, having the onsite care team has proven invaluable.”

As Pamela is generally self-sufficient and Rangeford Care encourages independence, Pamela agreed to gradually decrease the care after two weeks. Under careful supervision, the care team reduced their visits from three times a day to once a day. “I’ve finally gained back most of my independence and have now been able to reduce my care to a mere welfare call. This means a carer calls me once a day to ensure that I’m ok. I know that I require further surgery in the future and having experienced the care team’s brilliant and reliable service has given me real peace of mind that I’ll be looked after,” Pamela says.

Angela McKimmie, Sales and Marketing Director at Rangeford Villages comments: “Moving into a retirement property is the ultimate step on the property ladder, which means the property needs to be a perfect fit for the buyer’s current and future needs. The knowledge of having care available is a highly prioritised criterion that we witness amongst buyers, whether they require it at the time of moving in or not.”

The Village is made up of both Courtyard and Pavilion apartments, all boasting an open-plan layout that creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Each home features spacious kitchens with engineered, high-quality hardwood flooring and the latest Neff appliances.
The living rooms offer a choice of wooden floors with energy efficient underfloor heating, whilst wide entrances and lifts as well as high-efficiency double-glazed windows provide a bright and friendly feel.

Interested buyers are invited to book an appointment or take part in a virtual tour with our friendly team on 01225 584 500 or visit


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