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‘There are no rules except your own’: New Survey Reveals the benefits of ageing, according to 65 – 80-year-olds

26/10/2023 Wadswick Green, Strawberry Fields, Siddington Park, Mickle Hill, Homewood Grove, General, Newsletter, Case Study, Blog, Corporate

A new study conducted by Censuswide of UK retirees aged between 65 to 80 years for the leading retirement village specialist Rangeford Villages reveals large regional differences across the UK. It shows what this age group value the most in their golden years and what they see as the benefits of growing older.

The results are significant as people worldwide are living longer. Today, most people can expect to live into their eighties and beyond. According to WHO, by 2030, one in six people in the world will be aged 60 years or over. At this time the share of the population aged 60 years and over will increase from 1 billion in 2020 to 1.4 billion. By 2050, the world’s population of people aged 60 years and older will double (2.1 billion).

Of the 2004 consumers surveyed aged between 65-80, when rating their current happiness, participants in Brighton value wisdom and life experience more (at 63.33%) than the same age group in Birmingham (at 45.60%). 

And in the same regard, looking at which age range has a greater appreciation for the ‘simpler joys’ in life, such as doing things without time constrictions and more time to focus on their hobbies participants in Plymouth ranked the highest, at 69.7%, while those in the West Midlands ranked the lowest at 42.31%.

Meanwhile, when asked if the benefits of ageing have enhanced their perspective and resilience in facing life's challenges, participants aged 65 - 80 living in Southampton ranked first (at 36.26%), Plymouth came second (33.33%), while Norwich ranked third (at 30.76%) and Brighton and Edinburgh ranked joint fourth (at 30.00%).

When delving deeper into what other factors contributed to the benefits of ageing, 65 – 80-year-olds listed the below, in order of priority:  

Other (please specify):

  • More money
  • Access to all sorts of freebies and concessions
  • Enhanced ability to live solo
  • Freedom
  • Have more time for hobbies and this widens friendships
  • Having no rules – except your own
  • Less stress. Doing things in my time and not to a clock
  • More time for boating
  • More time to recover from serious illness
  • No clock watching
  • None
  • Passing my knowledge onto youngsters

And as people get older, it is important that the things they value, and respect are acted upon. Previous studies have shown that one in five older people who live in the retirement community and two in five who live in care homes experience depression or poor mental health.

Amanda Valentine-Bunce, Head of Marketing at Rangeford Villages comments: “The survey is interesting as it shows that as we get older we all value different things. As a luxury retirement village specialist our mission is to empower residents to nurture their lifestyle choices, and, to help them thrive by providing an integrated approach to wellbeing throughout the village and beyond. 

“The Pavilion, at the heart of every village has amenities such as a gym, wellbeing spa, dance studio and craft room. This hub for social activity allows the residents to fully indulge themselves in the benefits of ageing such as spending their newfound free time to take up new skills, or focus on old hobbies.

“And every village – from Wadswick Green to Mickle Hill - have beautiful open green spaces, helping residents to stay active. In addition, the regular schedule of events brings every community together with a sense of inclusivity and belonging, upholding resident mental health too.”

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