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Trust, Respect and Communication - How Rangeford's Head of People, Debbie Taylor, ensures exceptional employee experience

12/09/2023 Wadswick Green, Strawberry Fields, Siddington Park, Mickle Hill, General, Case Study, Blog, Corporate

Debbie Taylor has recently joined Rangeford Villages as our new Head of People, heading up the HR team. Debbie has great plans for the continued success of her department and some fantastic ideas for improving our already vibrant company culture. We sat down with Debbie to talk about how sustaining the Rangeford values of respect, care and teamwork, along with initiating positive change, will make sure that the Rangeford employee - and therefore customer - experience remains outstanding.

What does it mean to be ‘Head of People’ rather than ‘Head of HR’?

Head of People is a relatively new term and for me it emphasizes that employees are not just resources or functions within an organisation but are individuals with aspirations, needs and are able to contribute to the business. We live in a world that is constantly changing and non-more so than the people function. As Head of People my aim is to create a positive workplace culture, encompassing not only current employees but also potential new employees

How do you ensure that Rangeford offers an exceptional employee experience?

The main area is that we understand our employees but also understand that different areas of the company have unique needs and pain points. By establishing a positive workplace culture, we foster trust, respect and communication. We celebrate achievements, provide training and resources so that all our staff are set up for success from day one. Most importantly we promote a good work life balance and provide access to mental health assistance. I think we also need to be mindful that in a changing world the employee experience needs to evolve and Rangeford will continue to adapt and evolve.  

What are your main objectives for the rest of 2023 within the HR department? Are you launching any new initiatives?

We know that the cost-of-living crisis is having an impact on many of us and therefore one of my main initiatives will be to launch a benefit hub where all staff will be able to receive discounts on supermarket shopping, store discounts and entertainment. We are also reviewing our current onboarding process as we want all new employees to feel part of Rangeford even before their first day. In addition, we continue to focus on recruitment, access to personal development training, and, ensure that communication is key, ensuring that employees have input on important matters.

In your opinion, what is important for retention and how does Rangeford exemplify this?

Retention is vitally important and employees are more likely to stay when they feel valued, respected and included. Rangeford provide a working environment where the culture and the values of the business are lived everyday, from not only the service we provide to our employees but also the respect we show for each other.

How do you look to reflect Rangeford’s core values of respect, caring and teamwork within the HR department and across the company?

To achieve ongoing success within Rangeford we need to ensure that we all work together to enable a positive and healthy working environment. Therefore, the HR department will:

  • Engage with and listen to all staff openly and honestly
  • Encourage high standards
  • Seek feedback, challenge, and continually develop our skills
  • Drive and help facilitate change
  • Network with others to learn and share
  • Be true partners to the business

What do you look forward to most as you begin leading Rangeford’s HR team?

This is an exciting time for Rangeford as we continue to grow our workforce as new villages come on board. I think the most exciting aspect is that as a department we are open to evolving HR changes, we continue to align with the business strategy and become a future fit. But most importantly, we want to bring both new and existing employees on this great journey.

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