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What are the Stages of Retirement?

11/09/2023 Wadswick Green, Strawberry Fields, Siddington Park, Mickle Hill, Homewood Grove, General, Newsletter, Blog

Retirement comes at different times and in many forms for different people, but it is a phase in life in which you transition into what is often referred to as your golden years. Like any major life transition, retirement is an experience that will differ depending on how early or late you are in your retirement, and it is a good idea to look at it in different stages.

Here we offer an overview of what is typically a framework to describe these different stages of retirement.

Stage 1 – Pre-retirement

This stage occurs before you officially retire and usually involves planning and preparing for retirement! You may assess your financial situation, set retirement goals, and make decisions regarding investments, pensions, or other sources of income. You may also start looking for retirement homes, including retirement villages and assisted living. It is a time of reflection, planning, anticipation and getting ready for the transition.

Stage 2 – The Honeymoon Phase

A term also used for the initial phase of marriage, this stage is characterized by the initial excitement and freedom experienced during the early years of retirement. You may enjoy the newfound leisure time, pursue hobbies, travel, or spend more time with family and friends. It is a period of freedom from work, exploration and relaxation as you adjust to the absence of work-related responsibilities.

Stage 3 – Disenchantment

Some, but certainly not all retirees may experience a stage of disenchantment after the initial honeymoon phase.  The novelty of retirement may wear off, and you may start to feel a sense of emptiness or boredom. This stage can be influenced by factors such as social isolation, loss of identity tied to work, or unmet expectations. It's important to address these feelings and find ways to regain a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Our retirement villages offer residents the chance to do meaningful and enriching activities every day. Residents can choose activities based on their interest or try completely new ones! It is important to keep busy and make time for your own interests. It can be an opportunity to try a new activity or learn a new skill that you have never had time to explore before. Moving into an integrated retirement community helps provide the residents with a ready-made supportive environment and helps to limit the consequences of being cut off from society. 

Stage 4 – Reorientation

This is where retirees often make efforts to redefine their purpose and establish new routines. They may explore different interests, engage in volunteer work, pursue further education, or start a new career path. This stage involves adapting to the changes that retirement brings and finding meaningful activities to fill your time.

One resident from Wadswick Green said “We have more time to do the things we enjoy. We were active prior to the move, so it’s great that we can maintain that. The facilities are great and sometimes it feels like we have the pool to ourselves. It really encourages you to keep fit – in fact, I wonder if we’re more active now!”

Stage 5 – Stability

This represents a period of adjustment and contentment with retirement. By this stage, retirees have typically found a balance between their leisure activities, social connections, and personal goals. They have developed a sense of routine and fulfilment and have adjusted to the changes retirement brings. Residents Mr and Mrs Little moved from East Stour in North Dorset to Wadswick Green in Wiltshire in December 2021, having sold their bungalow just 7 weeks previously. They haven’t look back since and Mr Little says

“There is so much going on in the village, and you can be as active or as laid back as you like. There is a really great sense of community here, and lots of great opportunities to socialise for those that want to. We use the coffee shop and The Greenhouse restaurant frequently with its lovely terrace. I do three gym sessions a week, swim, and I also enjoy playing croquet and table tennis - I like to keep as active as I can.”

It's important to note that these stages are not set in stone, and individuals may experience them differently or transition through them at varying paces. Retirement is a highly personal journey, and each person's experience may be unique.

Here at Rangeford Villages, we create beautiful, aspirational places for residents over 60 to enjoy later life, in safe, secure and homely surroundings. We welcome communities of people who want to enjoy life to the full and guarantee that your friends and family will love to visit. Each retirement village is unique, with its own character and core amenities, creating relaxing, yet vibrant environments where new friendships are made, and everyone is welcomed. You can find out about each one here.

We know that considering a move to a retirement village is a very personal one and a choice that has to feel right for you. Our village sales advisors are always available at the end of the phone to discuss and talk through any questions you may have.

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