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Get in touch - 0800 1357420

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Our Sustainability Promise

Leadership and Culture

Doing the right thing for the environment is a key priority at Rangeford Villages. Our strategy is led by our CEO and the Executive Team. We all passionately believe in protecting everyone’s future whilst enhancing people’s lives in the present. We are closely aligned with our investors Fern Trading and our affiliation with the Octopus Group who are committed to protecting the environment and overseeing responsible financial and social investment. To discover more click here:

Operational initiatives

We promote our responsibility to the environment within the organisation and work to:

  • Reduce the use of energy, water and other resources
  • Minimise waste by reduction, re-use and recycling
  • Manage an all electric fleet of communal transportation
  • Provide EV chargers for resident use
  • Reduce the use of plastics and packaging in the bar/restaurant/bistro’s
  • Use local contractors and suppliers where possible and support the local economy
  • Promote natural habitats and encourage bio-diversity
  • Kitchen Gardens and allotments for our restaurants and residents use
  • Use renewable energy providers for all our communal area

Sustainable Construction

Rangeford Villages are looking to develop purpose-built new communities for future residents to enjoy in later life. Our villages are carefully designed on an individual basis to ensure that they take advantage of new technologies to reduce our impact on the environment.

We always aim to meet BREAAM ‘Very Good’ as a minimum, an internationally recognised certification which assesses the building’s specification, design, construction and use for its impact on the environment.

A key strategic move is to include all-electric energy systems supplemented by Air Source Heat Pump’s and Photovoltaic electricity generating cells. These systems help reduce carbon emissions and provide ongoing energy cost savings.

We will invest energy infrastructure in our existing buildings including adding Photovoltaic cells and EV chargers where possible and constantly improve our biodiversity levels across our outdoor spaces.

Employee Engagement

Our people are passionate about the environment and sustainability. We will develop our training and engagement programmes to help empower colleagues to play their part in delivering against our environmental focus areas. We will offer advice and information for colleagues and encourage them to develop new ideas and initiatives.

The Future

As technology changes and our desire to be part of the longer-term solution, we will continue to adapt our ways of working and construction techniques to further enhance our environmental and social credentials with a drive towards a net zero outcome by 2030.